Corporate Communications PR

PMBC Group has amassed a pool of accomplished professionals working to expand the global reach of a company while also supporting clients’ core operations. From the start-up business to established multi-level companies, we work within a wide range of budgets and disclose concrete results that our campaigns help bring to fruition.

Long-term business goals are strengthened and advanced through strategic public relations tactics, effecting clients to grow within their specified sectors as well as gain greater exposure for opportunities of cross collaborative ventures.

By setting direct planning and programming in place, business clients gain a wider public presentation as PR strategies assist in contributing to the bottom line. From design, medicine,  health & wellness, to entertainment, finance, and technology, PMBC’s tailored public relations campaigns allows for a wide variety of clientele in nearly each leading industry.

Our services, including media relations, social networking, consulting , thought leadership, celebrity placements, and media training, lay at the base of what we offer to clients. Each service provides a multi-tiered measure in which clients are further represented, better establishing them as leaders within their industry. This comprehensive approach adds to the culminating effect of the poignant communication style PMBC Group enacts when handling our clients’ image and reputation in relation to the world at large.

PMBC Group has fostered and harnesses relationships with top-tier media outlets, leading clients to be regularly featured in elite broadcast and online outlets. Our clients placements in major business press including BusinessWeek, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, and several others, helps to solidify our efforts.

Press inclusion in any of these outlets offers the credible third-party endorsement, proving to be more cost-effective and valuable than advertising. Our strategies and tactics give clients the tools to reach key investors and influencers in their field, build corporate image, and increase overall value.

Every PR campaign stems from a concise situation analysis that identifies specific target areas, pinpointing what is needed to move forward and to strengthen public relations efforts. Understanding the complexities of each client allows for us to craft and form a program that molds around clients’ regiment and fits within their means.

Client involvement plays a key role during this development process as information shared forms the bridge of comprehending a clients’ needs, goals and desires of their companies. Clients are continuously kept within the information loop as they see progress augment from simple ideas, to sound PR campaigns that yield a higher level of results.



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